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SSI Time Values
You can use config SSI command with timefmt argument to specify format of time.
Sample Code: 
<!--#config timefmt="%A %D %r "--> 
The current time is : 
<!--#echo var="DATE_LOCAL"--> 
Display : 
[an error occurred while processing this directive]The current time is : Saturday, 04-Feb-2023 16:30:42 EST
Code  Description  Display 
%a  Day of the week, abbreviation  Mon, Tus, Wed ... 
%A  Day of the week, full name  Monday, Tuesday
%b Month name, abbreviation  Jan
%B Month name. full name  January
%d Date 01
%D Date with month/day/year  01/30/97
%e  Date 1(not 01) 
%h Same as %b  Jan 
%H  24-hour clock  22
%I  12-hour clock  10
%j  Decimal day of the year 332 
%m Month number 10
%M  Mintues  59
%p AM or PM  AM 
%r Time format as same as %I:%M:%S: %p  06:22:44 AM 
%S Seconds 09 
%T 24-hour clock, same as %H:%M:%S 13:40:30
%U Week of the year  50
%w  Day of the week number (Sunday =0)
%W  Same as %U  50
%y  Year, 2 digits  97
%Y  Year, 4 digits 1997
%z  Time zone  EST
Code Description Display
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