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CGI Environment Variables
Environment Variables is a set of pre-defined values use to communicate between servers and clients over the internet. Those values are resident on HTTP header, so two machines would know who are they talking with, and where, how to communicate etc. Programmers may use those variables to retrieve client's information.
Environment Variable Description 
AUTH_TYPE  The authentication method used to validate a user.
CONTENT_LENGTH  Indicates the number of bytes of form or query date received.
CONTENT_TYPE  The media type of the query data, such as "text/html"
DOCUMENT_ROOT  The directory from which Web documents are served. 
GATEWAY_INTERFACE  The revision of the Common Gateway Interface that the server uses.
HTTP_ACCEPT  A list of the media types that client can accept. 
HTTP_FROM  The email address of the user making the query.
HTTP_REFERER  The URL of the document that the client points to before accessing the CGI program.
HTTP_USER_AGENT  The browser the client is using to issue the request.
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PATH_INFO  Additional path information appended to the CGI script.
PATH_TRANSLATED  The translated version of the path given by the variable PATH_INFO.
QUERY_STRING  Contains and query information submitted by the user as a result of a GET-method
REMOTE_ADDR The host address of the computer running the Web browser.
REMOTE_HOST  The host name of the computer running the Web browser.
REMOTE_IDENT  The user making the request.
REMOTE_USER  Contains the userid of the person using the WWW browser
REMOTE_METHOD  The method used to call the script (usually GET or PORT)
SCRIPT_NAME  The virual path of the script being executed.
SERVER_NAME  THe host name of the computer on which the server is running.
SERVER_PORT  Indicates the port number on which the server is listening of HTTP connections (default is 80).
SERVER_PROTOCOL  Indicates the protocol in use.
SERVER_SOFTWARE Tells the name and version of HTTP server you are running.
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