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Server Side Includes (SSI) Command
Server Side Includes (SSI) are directives that you can insert into HTML file in order to create a small amount of dynamic information. SSI are not CGI, but they can output a CGI-like information as well as CGI program.
Remember, not all server can support SSI. If your server doesn’t support SSI, you can visit , or contact your system administrator for a solution. Following table list most common SSI command.
SSI Command
echo Displays environment variable. See CGI environment variable and SSI environment variable
<!--#echo var="SERVER_NAME"--> 
include Inserts text of document into current file. 
File : pathname relative to a docment on the server. 
Virtual : virtual path to a document on the server. 
<!--#include file="cgihelp/ssi.html"-->
<!--#include virtual="cgihelp/ssi.html"-->
<!--#include virtual = "cgihelp/ssi.htm" --> 
fsize Tells the size of a specified file. 
<!--#fsize file="/cgihelp/ssi.html"-->
flastmod Inserts the last modification date and time for a specified file. You may want to change the time format by using config directive with timefmt argument, see SSI time format
<!--#flastmod file="ssi.html"--> bytes 
<!--#flastmod file="ssi.html"--> bytes
exec  Executes external CGI program, or application, and inserts its output in the current document. 
Cmd : Any application on the host 
Cgi : CGI program. 
<!--#exec cmd = "/bin/finger --> 
<!--#exec cgi = "/cgi-bin/counter.cgi"--> 
<!--#exec cmd = "/bin/finger --> 
<!--#exec cgi = "/cgi-bin/counter.cgi"--> 
config Modifies various aspects of SSI. 
Errmsg: Default error message. 
Sizefmt: format for the size of the file for fsize directive, bytes or abbrev. Timefmt : change time format see SSI time format
<!--#config errmsg = "Error: File not found"--> 
<!--#config sizefmt = "abbrev"--> 
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